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Following is a list of summary facts regarding the Rider University CHP, Combined Heat and Power system:

  • Rider University contracted PWI to provide a CHP Feasibility Study for their Lawrenceville, NJ location. Rider University has a continuous need for electricity, hot and chilled water year round which are the products of CHP. Concepts were evaluated and a 1.1 MW Reciprocating internal combustion engine (RICE) fired with natural gas won the life cycle cost comparison.
  • PWI submitted to the NJ Clean Energy CHP Program on behalf of Rider University. The university received an incentive for $1 million.
  • The optimum location for the CHP plant was in a new building addition that matches the campus surroundings. The hot water and chilled water pipe systems are then distributed to five building within the quad, providing chilled water in the cooling season and hot water in the heating season. Using a “Feed and Bleed” tie in method, if the load required in the quad is larger than capacity of the CHP plant, the existing boilers and chillers in the buildings will provide the remaining load.
  • Cummins won the pre-purchase, pre-DEP submission, bidding via life cycle costing with a 5 year “bumper to bumper” warranty and a 10 year maintenance contract.

  • Financial Summary facts include:

    1. Capital cost target - $5.2 million
    2. NJ Smart Start Incentive - ($1 million)
    3. Net Capital Cost - $4.2 million
    4. Net Operating Cost Savings - $541,928/year
    5. Simple Payback - 7.7 years
  • The Rider CHP System will operate at an efficiency of over 66% compared to the regional electric utility at 33%. A a result environment will benefit from the CHP’s distributed energy reduction in emissions for:
    1. Saving 9,951 lbs. per year in nitrogen oxides
    2. Saving 17,399 lbs. per year in sulfur oxides
    3. Saving 101 grams per year in mercury
    4. Saving 6,396,725 lbs. per year in carbon dioxide
    5. Saving 3,077,246 gallons of water per year

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